The Animals – Continued From Wretched of the Earth

From the start, in every workers house was a starving, beaten, tied up dog – often left in the burning sun without water. Puppies with sores and malformed limbs rooted about for rubbish.  It was soon clear that no amount of talking would change anything, and it was also clear that the SPCA, with an impossibly big area to manage, was so stretched it couldn’t do anything either. In the first month I took 9 dogs beyond redemption to be put to sleep, and found homes for another 8. It nearly killed me. These dogs below we were able to re-home. Olivia my step daughter helped, with all her love, each time she came to the farm.

But of course it was everywhere – on every farm in the area.  It got so bad I was phobic about going to town, because I had to drive past chained animals. In the end all I could do was to join the SPCA, and get inspectors out more often.  We also managed quite a few sterilisations in this area.


Rescued and found new homes


Sterilisation in the Abbotsdale Community Hall 2000


Whether this did more than scratch the surface I don’t know, but I think I see less abused animals around at least Joubertskloof.

Dinky Donky and Zizonky

Fortunately all animals on the farm had been sold – except for 2 donkeys who were used a few times a year to plough the vineyard nursery. The rest of the time they were confined in De Perdestal, more or less resignedly- as donkeys do.


We called them Dinki and Donki.