A review where I could honestly endorse a splendid destination

It was such a pleasure to write a review where I could honestly endorse a splendid destination! Everyone in our group still tells me how wonderful it was, Karina described it as the sole island of rejuvenation in the month of August. And truly, the fact that all of us, between the ages of 4 and 79, could be accommodated so perfectly, attests to the physical and spiritual assets of Fynbos.
The little girls with the donkeys are my brother’s youngest ones, they adored the donkeys too! My brother specifically loved the farm setup, it reminded all of us of the farm where we grew up.
Thanks so much for the photos, a wonderful reminder of the time there that passed far too quickly. We’d love to come again and hope that we can do that soon.
And thanks again for making my birthday the best it could possibly be :))
Until we see you again, my very best wishes

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