Fynbos exceeded our expectations and hopes

I stumbled upon the Fynbos Estate website purely by chance after looking at every wedding venue listed on every wedding website I could find.  Luke grew up on a farm and we are both very relaxed nature lovers.  We knew we needed a venue that was small and unpretentious where we could relax and be ourselves.  I also knew I wanted a venue that would allow us to set up the day before and that would let us book up the entire venue so we could have the place to ourselves all weekend.  I knew Fynbos Estate was “the place” the moment I found the website, and mailed Diana immediately.

We were unfortunately organising our wedding from Durban so could not visit the venue before booking.  Luckily Diana was happy to answer email after email full of questions, and when dates started getting booked up in January we both felt happy and comfortable enough to take the plunge and book the venue without seeing it.  To say Fynbos exceeded our expectations and hopes would be an understatement.  It is thanks to the team and their outstanding staff that our day was absolutely perfect.  For someone who tends to stress about and overthink things, I was almost unnaturally calm in the time leading up to the wedding.   I have no doubt that this is due to Gail and Diana’s unwavering professionalism and efficiency – these ladies know how to organise a wedding!  Every detail was discussed, thrashed out and organised in advance, leaving almost nothing to chance on the day.  There was a plan b for every potential problem, and the staff were incredibly flexible and easy going.  Gail was extremely helpful and offered advice and suggestions whenever necessary.

The accommodation is spacious and comfortable and the old farmhouse is absolutely beautiful.  It was so special to be able to have our family and close friends staying at the venue all weekend, and we enjoyed a wonderful braai together on the Friday evening under the massive oak tree.

We were so well taken care of on the day of the wedding – the staff were friendly, professional and efficient without being overbearing and interfering.  Gail and Diana were present throughout the wedding ceremony and reception, and any concerns or questions that we had during the evening were addressed and clarified immediately.  The food was delicious and plentiful – Johan is an excellent chef and we loved the fact that most of the ingredients were locally sourced from the nearby communities and everything (including the ice cream) was home made.

We literally had nothing to worry about, as every detail during our special day was taken care of.  We were left to relax, enjoy and take in the incredible experience of our dream wedding.  Guest after guest asked us how we found this amazing place, and we would recommend this venue to any couple without a moment’s hesitation.   We can’t wait to visit again – Fynbos Estate will always be a very special place in our hearts.

Luke and Lauren Moore

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