A special volunteer

Lisanne, fresh from studying antiquities at Edinburough university, has just spent a month with us volunteering.

She was such a delight. A lovely open, warm person she just slipped into farm and family life here at Fynbos.  She helped us in all kinds of ways: making limoncello, bottling and labeling olive oil, helping us build our data base and taking care of the various groups who came for workshops.  She also helped with our puppies, often babysitting them for us. We think she fell in love with little Blue.

Lisanne goes on to a course  in Cape Town for teaching English as a second language, a bit of traveling in the Cape and then off home to follow her heart

We are sad to see her go and she too it seems. This is what she has written:

I just spent the most wonderful month volunteering on Fynbos Estate. I was welcomed with open arms and became a part of their family. I learnt a lot of new things about wine and the challenges of running a farm and met people from many different walks of life. While I will miss the beautiful puppies Cherry and Blue deeply, Jo and Diana have truly left an impression for my South Africa trip and volunteering in general.


Diana and Lisanne


Bottling Limoncello


Lisanne labelling Limoncello