BDI Tiny Home Project

The Biodiversity & Development Institute  – a non-profit international organisation – has chosen Fynbos Estate for their Tiny Home Project. The BDI team headed by Pete, Dieter and Les designed an extraordinary small mobile home to put up international students coming to do biodiversity research.   The project was launched a few weeks ago with…

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The underneath of things

Farm work at Fynbos Estate in the Swartland

I often think about what people want when they leave home and come to the farm, and it seems more than anything they want the perfect and the surface and not at all the underneath of things. They don’t want to see the cleaning of houses or laundering of linens, the weeding of the garden…

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A very busy, happy weekend

Tour groups visiting Fynbos farm near Cape Town

This was one of those busy weekends with different groups in different houses, wonderful meals in De Perdestal and swimming and walking and feeding of donkeys. Lots of happy faces. Syngenta To kick things off on Thursday the Syngenta company came for a workshop using the Pavilion and De Perdestal for their sessions. We had…

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The Mountain Road

On our first visit to the farm old man Loubser took us up the road in his bakkie. We were beside ourselves with delight and I remember every twist and turn of the magical road as we flew past proteas and pincushions and birds and magnificent views.     We have remained very proud of…

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Winter Vineyard Work

  The cold of deepest winter is the time for vineyard work, and this year the cold has obliged beautifully. What you don’t want is hot sunny days when the vines bot (bud) early, only to die off when a cold snap hits. The reason is that they have used up valuable energy to bud…

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