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Animal Stories

Stars joins the Fynbos fold

9 year old Stars, an indigenous West Coast horse, was retired after a hard life pulling carts. He had begun pulling carts too early and was worked very hard on tar roads. As a result he got bone chips in the fetlock joint which made him unstable and caused him pain. He has been on…

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Animal Care

A bunch of rescue animals requires a good deal of care, and these last weeks have seen the shearing the sheep, deworming of the mob, and the start to extending shelters and creating new pastures.   Shearing As summer hit, poor Lammie Basson and Baarrbara were clearly suffering. It was time for shearing. Basil fetched…

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Our new pups

Aiming to get puppyhood done in one fell swoop, Blue, a Great Dane pup recently joined Cherry, our Rotti, now 3 months old. Both are growing fast and cute is not the word for the pair. I’m afraid we are besotted . Here are some pics      

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Donkey Delights: Our new donks settle in

A few days have gone by since our new donks arrived, and there’s been shuffling and threatening hee-haws and jealous guarding of grass. Oscar the old man and thug of note, is most vociferous, chasing donkeys away especially when I try most equitably to hand out carrots. Here you can see him having a go…

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Donkey Doings at Fynbos

Yesterday set the farmyard all abuzz with the arrival of our three new rescue donkeys. We were all excited to see who would emerge from the horse box and delighted to see such beautiful and varied donks trot out. There was a chocolate female 9 years, like Bella and a grey long-haired 10 year old…

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