A very busy, happy weekend

Tour groups visiting Fynbos farm near Cape Town

This was one of those busy weekends with different groups in different houses, wonderful meals in De Perdestal and swimming and walking and feeding of donkeys. Lots of happy faces.


To kick things off on Thursday the Syngenta company came for a workshop using the Pavilion and De Perdestal for their sessions. We had plenty of likes from participant, special interest from farmers among them, and best were the Swiss attendees who couldn’t wait to lie in the sun by the pool.

The wonderful Emery family

On Friday came the Canadian Emeries on a second visit – this time with grandma and grandpa included. Four adults and 4 small children kept us all busy. We actually think the main reason they returned was because the two little boys had fallen in love with our puppies Cherry and Blue and spent every opportunity hugging them and getting sloppy kisses.


We just love it here, they said. We’ve had a wonderful holiday

Fortefar from Norway

Each year Fortefar, a Norwegian tour group, brings Norwegians to South Africa. They are looking to experience an African farm and always love going up the mountain, swimming, playing cards on the veranda, eating South African food and drinking wine.


We were welcomed with warmth to this idyllic place. The food was amazing and wine the best – such amazing flavours and we were surrounded by the sweet smells of the fynbos. The walk up the mountain and the view was breathtaking. This is a beautiful place with a such a relaxing atmosphere and our Norwegians loved it. Thanks to Diana and Johan and the team.
Tour Guide and Tour Leader