A Weekend Wedding with Gina and James  

From the moment we met this lovely couple, we knew that this would be a special wedding. And it was. Beginning with a wine-tasting on the Friday night, guests then spent Saturday ensuring that they looked gorgeous, hauling in their homemade beer and put putting finishing touches to their décor.

Mid-afternoon the couple married under the Oaks with flowers in bloom, the sun shining just at the right moment, and not a breath of wind.  It was a beautiful ceremony; real and heartfelt. There is no doubt that this is a couple who love each other very much and are much loved by others. And Alice Rafael the photographer captured this perfectly. Tears were shed here and there, the couple laughed hugely as they were showered with confetti, and then it was tuck in time. Canapes and drinks went down a treat, games and photographs happened on the lawn, and even Rupert the donkey had a splendid bouquet to consider.  With the setting of the sun the couple and guests moved into the Pavilion – beautifully decorated by their friend Jess.  From then on it was fun for all: humorous speeches, overflowing wine, plenty of dinner and even some cake cutting. Most of all the dance floor beckoned, the DJ did his thing, and a helluva party went on and on until the early hours.

Just a wonderful wedding that we, the Fynbos team, enjoyed and that we know was enjoyed by our guests.

Comments from the Bride and Groom

We knew almost immediately upon arriving at Fynbos Estate for the first time that it would be the place we would get married. We were stuck immediately by the peace and beauty of the farm. The old farmhouse, and the oak trees, the birds chirping, and the mountain in the background all bring such a sense of stillness and stability. The gardens are beautiful, but not overly manicured – exactly how we think life should be! But what truly sealed the deal was spending time with Diana and Johan. They are such generous and caring hosts which you can feel in sitting with them and see in the way that they care for the farm and all the animals which live there too.


Working with Diana and Johan was a pleasure; and they were able to take our scattered thoughts and turn it into a more wonderful celebration than we had even hoped for. We had a weekend celebration that was filled with amazing Dragonridge wine, more than enough delicious food, and a packed dance floor until late in the night. 


We really feel like we are now part of the Fynbos family and look forward to spending more special days on the farm.. Thank you for everything!


Gina and James 


Comments from other guests

“This is a wonderful place”.  “Everything went so smoothly”  “Delicious food and wine” “You are all so nice” “We are coming back”