Art of Living at Fynbos Estate for lovely yoga retreat

Trusha Lakana came here from Durban once again to run yoga and cleansing retreat. This is the third time this particular retreat has been here and it was great to witness from a distance the mediations and yoga and the lovely clear laughter that grew day by day as participants went through what was, it seemed, quite a challenging process. As always Vena cooked for the group and made good use of Johan’s HUGE pots to make delicious vegetarian food.



Art of Living is a widespread national and international organisation that offers all kinds of holistic events and retreats throughout the country. You can find out more about them on



As always people were so gracious and appreciative or our space and commented on the love and authenticity of Fynbos. This is music to our ears. Sabine who coordinated the retreat gave more formal feedback.

This is a special place and we all know it. The pavilion is a fantastic venue for this work and the views and gardens and pool are beautiful. The houses were excellent and the farmhouse kitchen and verandas wonderful for cooking and for eating. Diana and the fynbos team were accommodating and friendly. There is such a sense of peace here.