Children from Big Issue

A short while ago we had the pleasure of hosting 12 children between the ages 9 and 18 who are children of Big Issue vendors.

These children living in various townships had never been to a place like this and their joy and exploration was palpable.

Under the skillful leadership of Nicky and Penny, the children complemented their fun with workshops on various aspects of self-development and self-responsibility, punctuating their meals (a la Johan) with games and swims.



Nicky’s review of the weekend retreat at Fynbos Estate:

The kids were very excited about the weekend as all of them have not experienced a weekend like this. They were blessed with bathing costumes and were excited. On arrival at the office their parents told me that they have been up since 4am the morning. They were anxious for us to leave as we left late due to transport challenges

The weekend had a theme, it was about “Making it work” Resilience, Learn to ask for what you need and to encourage each other. These children grows up with one parent in most cases. Only four of the kids who are siblings have both parents. The rest of the kids dad is gone mom is deceased.

The kids learned tools that will teach them to cope with problems and grow above their challenges. They learned what the words, challenges, strengths and weaknesses mean. Problem solving played a big role as they learned how to reach out and communicate . They had fun and loved the swimming pool as these are things that’s not in their communities and it becomes expensive for families to travel to the beaches in Cape Town.

They enjoyed the food and the great hospitality. It quite ironic on the first night when the kids was placed in their sleeping areas. The comment was that they not used to such big bedroom spaces and sleeping on a bed alone “we used to a lot of us sleeping in one bed. My reply was that this weekend you going to have fun, so enjoy.

The last day the kids didn’t want to go home as they had a peaceful, fun and awesome weekend. The hospitality of the hosts of the farm was amazing and the kids felt welcomed.

Thank you for and awesome experience the kids loved it