Limoncello and Lemon Cordial

It’s Limoncello time again and as always it is exciting to come to the end of a long process – especially when the end means something delicious to drink.

Limoncello takes ages to make. Lemons picked from various spots on the farm are zested and steeped in spirits for 40 days. The extract is then mixed with a sugar syrup for another 40 days and then it is bottles. All in all 80 days makes every drop worth it.



Here Lisanne, a volunteer from Scotland, decants the magic liquid into bottles and sticks labels on.


Ray Alexander’s Lemon Cordial



What about the rest of the lemons?

Nothing goes to waste. The zested lemons are squeezed and cooked up with just the right amount of sugar according to Johan’s mom’s recipe. The result she offered to the many visitors they had in Lusaka in the good old days. As a result it is called Ray Alexander’s lemon cordial and is much sought after. But in memory of Ray, it’s not for sale, and as the case in Lusaka, is simply on offer for anyone visiting.