Our third annual meditation retreat at the farm

What a piece of paradise is Fynbos Farm! We’ve just returned from our third annual meditation retreat at the farm, and I can’t imagine a more beautiful or supportive environment in which to undertake the demanding work of meditating seven hours a day. The valley in which the farm is nestled feels a million miles from the bustle of the city – though it’s scarcely an hour away by car. Every year I visit, there is deepening evidence of Johan and Diana’s dedication to shaping the land into something where all can flourish – human, animal, and plant alike. The massive trees, the baby owls, the rolling hills of vine and olive – the many summer scents of the farm: honeysuckle, plectranthus, wild garlic; – all these encircled by mountains well on their way to becoming a gloriously restored indigenous biome. And as if all these environmental pleasures weren’t enough, there’s the unforgettable food. What delectable homemade ice-creams! A sweet red-onion tarte tatin to break you heart! A million thanks to our hosts and their sweet, hard-working staff for making our retreat a real holiday. We’ll be back. Again and again.
Andrew Putter

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