Tribute to volunteers and assorted helpers at Fynbos

These last summer and harvest months have seen lots of volunteers here at Fynbos as well as various friends and friends of friends lending a hand.

Leon from Germany began in December joined soon by Leena from Switzerland. They hung out together and Leon did lots of varnishing and putting up of signs that Leena had most beautifully painted. We enjoyed their light and easy energy.

Leon and Leena

Leena’s Painted Signs

Leon Busy With Woodwork

Leon and Doubt – Bar Duty Fynbos Weddings

Leena Hiking Paardeberg Mountain

Soon after they left came the harvest contingent which this year were all three Canadians. Alex with some wine making behind him, wanted to learn more about natural wine making, and Courtney and Tristan sort of landed here at winemaking time not realising quite what or how much it entailed. The three of them, wherever possible, took the Honda off wine tasting and adventuring around the Cape. Needless to say they all three worked exceedingly hard on bottling and labelling and processing the grapes as they came in.

Alex Looking Dapper in the Vineyard

Discussions in the Vineyards

The Canadian Team Labelling

Time for a Glass of Wine next to the Pool

Tristan Punching Down Ferments

Tristan and Courtney Labelling with Doubt

Courtney on the Bottling Line

Alex and Courtney with Priscilla

Apart from these `official’ volunteers so to speak, there were lots of other helpers here over the time. Our God daughter Sophie, a student of photographic design in New York, visited for 3 weeks and took wonderful pictures of the farm for marketing. For some of this time she was joined by her boyfriend Nick, also Canadian, who found himself pressed into services of all kinds. He brought his drone which made for some great videos. Gosia, a family friend, visited making us laugh a lot, helping Johan in the kitchen, and then helping me with the drinking of Gin and Tonic. And Gerry and Sven came and went helping especially with functions.

Sophie and Nick

Nick and Doubt Labelling

Sven & Gerry

Gosia Sad to Leave

Gosia out with Diana

All in all it was a lively and rich time. Thanks to all of you who have helped us so much. You are much appreciated.