Pet Friendly Fynbos

As animal lovers who remember in our previous life not going away because we had no one with whom to leave our dogs, Fynbos Estate has always been friendly to well behaved pets. And after all if you are going way for some down time, you want your nearest and dearest four footed friends with you.

This has made us popular with a certain sector of the population (although I daresay there are others who might keep well away in case there is a dog or two about).

It’s mostly been dogs who have visited though we have had a few parrot guests (which pleases me no end as I am very partial to parrots thought I wish they didn’t live in cages), and a cat or two and even a few baskets of kittens. One request for a python in a cage we turned down.

With regard to dogs we have had huge ones like Irish Wolfhounds and small fluffy ones. When there are dog shows in the area, we often have more dogs than people on the farm which is rather hilarious really.

We have learnt to charge for our dog guests as they do often entail extra work, and our only stipulations are that dogs don’t climb on the furniture (unless their owners first put down a clean blanket they bring with them) and that dogs are kept leashed when they go walking in the mountain.

Here are some doggie guests of the last while.