The Art of Living Retreat

The Art of Living Retreat at Fynbos Estate

This weekend we once again hosted an Art of Living retreat at Fynbos. As before this was a retreat based on physical and emotional cleansing, meditation and yoga. Trusha Lakana, the teacher from Durban, again ran the retreat which took place primarily in the Pavilion

The Art of Living, now in its 35th year of practice, is to be found throughout South Africa and it has 3 well supported centres in Cape Town.

The movement follows the teachings of Sri Sri Ravishanka but is open to anyone interested in their practices

If you would like to find out more about the organisation they can be reached on


  1. It was a wonderful retreat and this was the perfect place for it just as it was last time.
  2. The energy at Fynbos is unlike anywhere else and each time I drive into the farm I feel it and remember it.
  3. The farmhouse is such a special generous house and we all fitted into its rooms and generous verandas so wonderfully .
  4. We had a fantastic hike up the mountain. Right to the top this time. And it’s spectacular.
  5. I love your puppies and I’m going to steal the great Dane!