Bird ringing at Fynbos

Wild bird ringing at Fynbos Estate in the Western Cape

The BDI (Biodiversity and Development Institute ) exists to create opportunities to do fundamental and applied biodiversity and development research, incorporating both science & humanities perspectives. Their field ranges across all mammals, insects reptiles and birds.

The latter is where we have been most fortunate to intersect with BDI. This is the second year that we have been host to their bird ringing project and they are hoping to make this home to bird ringing – even to put up a caravan of sorts for student birders to use. Bird ringing involves catching birds in very fine nets and then before releasing them documenting all sorts of things about them. We hope to keep a tally of which birds are here and their movements.

We love having them here. Gentle folk with environmental conservation at the forefront of their lives. While they were here we also took them up the mountain for a champagne event and put on a fancy meal for them one of the nights.

This is the blog they wrote about their stay:…/establishing-a-long-term-bird-ringing-…/