UCT Research and Design Workshop

UCT Research and Design Workshop for Masters students in the Critical Urbanism Program

Masters students in the Critical Urbanism Program

This group has come to us twice before – each time with different students. It is a joint program between UCT and the University of Basel in Switzerland. Students spent each day in session in the Pavilion covering the awnings with different coloured bits of paper and had small times off for walks. At least they did drink wine at night and this seem to put different spin altogether on their evening sessions. The group is back again in July with yet another batch of students.


We love Fynbos!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you! A fabulous place to work and be together.

The food and the atmosphere were amazing.
Love, Leandra

Magical space, people, food. Will be back!!

What an amazing stay. The accommodation, food and staff are just as beautiful as the landscape.

Really lovely place! Friendly staff, amazing food and gorgeous venue
Thanks so much
PS Love the animals

Such a beautiful place! The beds were were super comfy and the staff were lovely. Wish we could stay a day longer.

I cannot fully describe how beautiful the scenery and grounds are. Thank you so much for making my stay so memorable.
All the best for the future.

Super! Was a wonderful weekend with a great hospitality. Perfect landscape and great food and wine.